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Andrea Davis is a singer/songwriter and author who has taken her personal relationship with God and put it to music and books. She was born and raised in New York and hails from a family of singers and musicians who have used their gifts and talents to lift the name of Jesus.

Her love for the Lord and her desire to serve Him are the inspiration for her lyrics and music.

“The songs I write are my testimony, and that God allows me to sing them is further evidence of His grace and mercy toward me."


God has also gifted Andrea to teach His Word through stories. She writes under the pseudonym, A E Thomas. Each book contains powerful messages grounded in biblical precepts and written so that "Everyman" can use them and grow thereby. 

"Much like Jesus used parables to make biblical precepts "usable" so He has gifted me to write stories relevant to the times and to reiterate that although people change constantly; His Word never changes."



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